UAE is strengthening development model to keep pace with international standards: Mansour bin Zayed


 H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, stated that the UAE is strengthening its development model to keep pace with international standards, noting that it is consolidating its stature as a leading country in all areas of development.

He made this statement today while chairing a meeting of the Ministerial Development Council, which took place at Qasr Al Watan, Abu Dhabi, and discussed several initiatives and issues related to government modernisation.

The meeting’s agenda included discussing the UAE’s construction guidelines, in line with the latest international standards, to support the country’s vision to achieve sustainability in the construction and infrastructure sectors, which will boost its international competitiveness.

The council also discussed ways of supporting agricultural and livestock product imports and re-exports, through establishing a partnership with the private sector and benefitting from its capacities in the field of food security, which will encourage trade and agricultural and livestock entrepreneurship and enhance the country’s capacity to meet the needs of its people and maintain price stability.

In terms of regulations, the council discussed several suggestions and decisions, including how to identify a debt value that will oblige debtors to initiate insolvency and fund liquidation procedures.

The council also talked about the introduction of a system for monitoring the progress of Emirati women in women’s empowerment indexes and improving their strategic competitiveness.

The meeting’s agenda included the FNC’s recommendations on the policy of the Ministry of Education related to overseeing schools, as well as the policy of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

The council then reviewed the outcomes of the coordination between federal and local authorities in managing federal roads, as well as several government reports on modernising government work.

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