Sheikh Mansour’s remarks on the Inauguration of the Founder’s Memorial

His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Higher National Committee for the Year of Zayed, said that Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan's impact is "quite clear” to the UAE people and beyond.  Sheikh Mansour went on to remark that "Sheikh Zayed's legacy in areas of urban development, cultural life and humanitarian assistance is still visible".  

His Highness praised the late Sheikh Zayed for providing a role model through his personal behaviour, hard work, leadership and insightful vision.  The Founder’s Memorial shall remain as a light to guide future generations, through which they can learn from the life and times of the nations' father and the great founder of its modern development and progress.  

Sheikh Zayed's visionary ideas, along with his patience, diligent work, wisdom and ability to deliver, will inspire generations to come.  This Memorial monument will provide a tangible link between successive historical eras as generations continue to reap the fruits of our federation experience.  "They will always remember and cherish the enduring memory of the Founding Father," added Sheikh Mansour.  

Sheikh Mansour reaffirmed the commitment of the UAE’s leadership to maintain the achievements, the wisdom, the insightful approach and the noble ideals that the late Sheikh Zayed instilled in the hearts and minds of all Emiratis and residents of the UAE.  

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