Ministerial Development Council discusses UAE Environment Policy


H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, has confirmed that safeguarding the environment is a national priority to protect the countrywide wealth and resources in the interests of the present and future generations.

Sheikh Mansour said, "Environment is an essential pillar of the economic and social development; environmental sustainability is a key part of our economic growth. UAE has always been keen to create innovative ways to preserve natural resources."

Chaired by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ministerial Development Council's meeting - held today at Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi - reviewed the UAE Environment Policy that aims to optimally address environmental and climate issues, preserve biodiversity and sustain environmental resources and ecosystems.

The UAE Environment Policy serves as a comprehensive framework and reference point for all federal and local environmental policies, strategies and decisions. Priorities of the policy include; limiting the impacts of climate change, acceleration the efforts to conserve natural resources, boosting air quality and ensuring safety of food products.

The policy sets out main objectives that serve as a national guide and ensures the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems and to utilising water and natural resources.

During the meeting, the Council has evaluated different ways of enhancing Emirati women's participation in advanced sciences. The discussion dealt with the numbers of female and male graduates in the fields of advanced science and the participation rate in the labor market.

The Council has discussed a federal law draft on goods subject to Non-Proliferation controls. The suggested law comes in line with the UAE’s vision in maintaining security and stability in the UAE and abroad and aims to actively in leverage control on sensitive goods and engaging in partnerships on both national and international levels.

The Council has also discussed a federal law draft that aims to regulate the partnership between government entities and the private sector. This move seeks at developing a clear legislative framework for partnership with the private sector, and adopting the best governance methods to ensure the quality of services.

The Council has discussed a draft resolution mandating the application of the UAE standard specifications on personal health protection products. The Resolution aims to guarantee the quality of products as a certificate of conformity will be required before placing the products in the market.

The council has discussed the Executive Regulation of the federal law on the rights of Senior Emiratis (Elderly). The Executive Regulation comprises detailed rules, provisions and procedures to apply the law that offers elderly Emiratis an integrated care system and benefits to ensure that seniors remain active and have access to government services in recognition of their experience, giving, dedication and sincerity to UAE.

The Council has also discussed the issuance of a Cabinet decision regarding the fines resulting from violating the provisions of the resolution on the installation of fire alarms in residential homes.

A number of government reports were reviewed including: a report on the ‘National Programme to Support the Stability of the Labor Market in the Private Sector’ and its impact to ensure the continuity of the performance of businesses. Another report dealt with the adjudication rate of the Tax Disputes Resolution Committees 2019- 

2020, and finally the report of the State Audit Institution on the final account of the General Civil Aviation Authority for the fiscal year 2019.
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