Ministerial Development Council reviews ‎national strategy for Water ‎Security 2036‎


The UAE Ministerial Development Council, presided over by H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, discussed today‏‏‎ the National Strategy for Water ‎Security 2036‎. ‎ 

The strategy sets short, medium and long term targets, and outlines the foundations for integrated ‎water resource management and water security sustainability in line with UAE Vision 2021 and UAE ‎Centennial Strategy 2071. ‎ 

The council considered a list of proposed solutions for all components of the water supply chain, ‎including alternative water sources, emergency water production and distribution, storage ‎mechanisms and water networking between UAE cities, as well as optimal legislation, standards, and ‎implementation strategies. ‎ It also reviewed the Manual on Measuring Productivity in the Federal ‎Government, which ‎‎explains the mechanism of performance and productivity in ‎the federal government. It includes ‎‎directives for all ministries and government ‎entities to understand and measure the productivity of the ‎‎governmental sector. ‎ 
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