Mansour bin Zayed receives Emirati youth

H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs received today at Qasr ash Shati in Abu Dhabi a group of Emirati male and female youth.
During the meeting, Sheikh Mansour affirmed that the wise leadership always underscores the importance of supporting, giving care in addition to developing knowledge and skills of the UAE youth, since they are the future and pillar of the nation.
He also indicated that serving homeland is a great honour for every citizen, stressing the importance of serving the country in all possible ways, promoting values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland in spirits of the youth since early ages and to the wise leadership, which spared no efforts in the progress of the nation, achieving sustainable development as well as welfare for the citizens.
He also expressed his confidence in the Emirati youth, saying " We are confident that we have generation to come that we can rely on, a generation that is able to shoulder national responsibilities and challenges, calling on the importance of adhering to manners that reflects the authenticity, customs and traditions of the UAE society." He also called on them to continue their endeavours to serve their country.
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